Learn about , Play & Go a Belgian Creative Company Specializing in Play Accessories.

Feb 01, 2017

Play & Go is a Belgian creative company specializing in colorful and quality play accessories for children of all ages. The brand offers a single product, the Play & Go mat, which comes in a wide variety of colors and prints to inspire creativity, responsibility, and fun. Hotaling Imports Inc is proud to offer wholesale Play & Go mats to our retailers in the United States, and we import a large selection of their mats for local buyers. 

Play & Go Toy Bag and Play Mat

The Play & Go Toy Bag is a 2 in 1 toy bag that opens up into a 4.5' diameter play mat. The mat is 100% full cotton canvas, sourced from ethical producers, and is machine washable. After playing, kids can simply pull the cord to turn their play mat into a toy bag, making cleanup quick and easy. 

While Play & Go offers a unique and useful play mat and bag solution, they also make toy storage fun. Play & Go mats feature creative designs and colors designed to inspire kids to play right on the mat. The bags feature colors and patterns on the outside and matching or complementary colors on the inside. Patterns range from fun animals and patterns to useful patterns like road maps, and change with each new product line. 

Play & Go mats and bags are loved by children and parents alike, because they save time, make cleanup easy, and are a great way to encourage kids to pick up after themselves without making it seem like work. They're also popular as gifts for both parents and children. 

Wholesale Play & Go Toy Bags

Hotaling Imports Inc is one of the primary Play & Go distributors in the USA. We import and offer a large selection of wholesale Play & Go mats to retailers around the USA. Check  Check our online catalogue to see our stock or login/register to place an order. 

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