Meet Liontouch, a Denmark Novelty Toys Manufacturer

Feb 01, 2017

Liontouch is a Denmark novelty toys manufacturer specializing in medieval, renaissance, and fantasy toys. The brand was founded on the belief that children play as naturally with swords and weapons as with balls and dolls, and they hold true to that by inspiring children around the world with their range of quality weapons and costumes. Liontouch produces weapons, costumes, and accessories for children to play with and in. Here at Hotaling Imports Inc we pride ourselves on working with the highest quality brands, and we believe that Liontouch meets those standards with fine-quality foam toys, rigorous safety testing, and quality end-results. 

About LionTouch

Liontouch was founded in 1995, when the parent company Visiodan Ltd. founded the venture on the premise that there were no high-quality EVA foam swords and shields on the market. Visiodan specializes in custom manufacture, and they quickly began selling their EVA foam swords to amusement parks in the USA and Europe. When the toys proved too popular to maintain production through the original company, the Visiodan founded Liontouch and began selling to retailers and wholesalers around the globe. Today, the brand offers a diverse catalogue of EVA foam weapons, shields, costumes, and accessories in themes including medieval knights, fantasy, Vikings, Musketeers, and much more. 

Liontouch offers high quality EVA foam toys, and are known globally for well crafted, highly detailed toy weapons. The brand's signature lion is a standard of quality, and where you see it, you are sure to see fine details, quality design, and toys made to last. 

Swords and Weapons – Liontouch publishes a yearly catalogue of new toy swords and weapons including foam guns, maces, swords, scimitars, daggers, and hooks. Almost all of their toy weapons are designed around themes including militaries of the world, history, and fantasy. Liontouch prints every sword to include fine details and decorations to make it as realistic and as lifelike as possible. 

Costumes – Liontouch offers themed sets with matching costumes including shields, tunics, cloaks, crowns, helmets, masks, and hats to go along with their weapons and shields. 

Wholesale LionTouch Toys

Hotaling Imports is the primary Liontouch distributors in the USA. We offer a range of wholesale Liontouch toys including swords, shields, costumes, and more from their latest catalogue. Register now to place an order. 

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