Wholesale Dollhouses - Why Every Child Needs an Heirloom Dollhouse

Sep 08, 2017

Imaginative and pretend-play are the cornerstones of every happy childhood. A dollhouse is the perfect toy for young children, because they can use their creativity to create a world that’s all their own. Children determine how the furniture is arranged, who gets invited inside, and how the dolls interact with each other. Simply put, they are in full control of their dollhouse world, and that’s something they really enjoy.

Unique Dollhouses from Le Toy Van

While children love playing with dollhouses, you shouldn’t just get any dollhouse you can find. Instead, it makes sense to buy a high-quality dollhouse that is built to last. Le Toy Van specializes in creating painted wooden toys for children as young as one. Their dollhouses are available at Hotaling Imports. Each of them is uniquely painted and beautifully designed.

We have a selection of a variety of dollhouses. Whether you’re looking for a small cottage to start with or a two-story mansion complete with attic, Le Toy Van has a dollhouse for everyone. Many of them already come with furniture, but dolls and accessories are also available for purchase separately.

Dollhouses Can Last through Generations

A well-designed dollhouse should last through the next generation. Think of how much fun kids would have playing with a dollhouse their parents already played with. The key to being able to pass down a dollhouse to your children’s children is to purchase a high-quality dollhouse made of wood. These dollhouses are easy to assemble and don’t contain any easily breakable plastic parts.

Le Toy Van’s dollhouses are made to enjoy for years. And even when the kids outgrow the desire to play with a dollhouse, it can be stored away for future use. The dollhouse can come to life again when the next generation is ready to play. 

Quality Is an Important Consideration

You don’t want to sell poorly made dollhouses to your customers, because either they will return it, or they will complain about you and your selection. When you run a small toy store or gift store, you want to make sure that your customers are happy with the products they purchase from you. 

At Hotaling Imports, quality is our most important consideration. The dollhouses from Le Toy Van won’t disappoint your customers, because they are built to last. They even include intricate features, such as staircases as well as windows, doors, and shutters that open and close. All of them are fully painted and decorated and ready to play with.

Why Dollhouses Are Great for Children

A dollhouse lets your child use their imagination without boundaries. Children can rearrange rooms, pretend-play with dolls and furniture, and immerse themselves in a world that’s entirely of their own making. Your children will learn new vocabulary and control how the dolls will interact with each other. Even siblings who normally don’t play together well may feel drawn towards the dollhouse, because everyone can have their own private space. 

Dollhouses are also great additions to your home for when friends come over. You’ll be surprised at the number of ideas your children will come up with. They might add their own furniture to the dollhouse and rummage in their toybox to find appropriate inhabitants for the house. Depending on your child’s preferences, you might even see dinosaurs or ghosts taking up residence in the dollhouse. 

Dollhouses are not just great for girls, either. Boys may not seek out dolls or dollhouses on their own, but they have just as much fun playing with them as girls. In fact, letting boys play with dolls will help them learn how to be kind and gentle, which are great traits for all future interactions with other people. And before boys become big brothers, it’s even more important to teach them to be nurturing and kind.

Why Dollhouses Are a Great Addition to Your Toy Store or Gift Store

Your customers will be delighted to see high-quality dollhouses at your store. While you can find some dollhouses in big stores, they’re usually neither intricate nor of high-quality. To attract more customers to your selection of dollhouses, you may even choose to put one on display, complete with furniture and dolls. This allows your customers to experience the dollhouse firsthand. And you know once a child has played with something they enjoyed, they’ll do their best to convince their parents that they cannot live without this item.


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