What Makes Papo Dinosaurs So Fascinating for Kids?

Jul 15, 2017

If you’re around kids on a regular basis, then you know that most of them are simply fascinated with dinosaurs. Dinosaur obsession can start at an early age, and many want-to-be paleontologists can memorize the most difficult dinosaur names before then can even spell their own name. There’s simply something about dinosaurs that no other animal species can compete with. And that’s why children will never get enough of the Papo dinosaur collection. 

Dinosaurs Are Big and Scary

There are some animals that are much bigger than humans. Elephants are huge. Some whales can be 30 times as big as grown adults. If you go to the zoo and see a giraffe or a full-grown tiger, you’ll be impressed with how big they are. Even driving up to a cow and seeing it at a close distance will surprise you. Even cows are huge compared to humans.

But nothing that lives on Earth today can even come close to the size of the dinosaurs from the past. Some dinosaurs are so big that they would consider an elephant to be a nice, little snack. Actually, many of the biggest dinosaurs wouldn’t harm an elephant, because they were plant eaters. But still, the size of dinosaurs is mind-boggling, especially to young children!

Dinosaurs aren’t just impressive because of their size. They’re also scary, especially the carnivores with rows of sharp teeth. Children will play hunting games with their Papo dinosaurs all day long if you let them. They often enjoy the hunt even when they’re also playing the hunted. Dinosaurs are also scary in a good way. They’re scary because they had to be to eat or avoid being eaten, unlike scary monsters who just scare you, because they can.

You Can’t Find Dinosaurs at the Zoo

When you see a tiger for the first time, it can be a fascinating experience. When you see an elephant, you might be awed. But after going to the zoo a handful of times, even children can get bored with these animals. Of course, the animals at the zoo seem tame compared to the animals you see in movies. But the reason why dinosaurs are so much cooler than tigers and elephants is that you can’t find them at the zoo.

In fact, it doesn’t matter where you live on Earth, you won’t ever see a dinosaur, because they are extinct. That provides two advantages for children. One, they will never lose their fascination with dinosaurs, because they don’t ever get to see the real thing. Two, children can fantasize about what dinosaurs exactly look like, how they acted, and what they ate without being told that they’re wrong. Even though scientists know a lot about dinosaurs, there are many things they just don’t know. And that’s fascinating.

Dinosaurs Don’t Have to Go to Bed

To a child, being big means being powerful. After all, only grownups ever get to do what they want. And since the dinosaurs were so much bigger than adult humans, they surely never had to go to bed when they were told to. At least that’s what children will assume. Dinosaurs also didn’t have to go to school, brush their teeth, do their homework, or do anything else they simply didn’t want to do. How much fun would it be to be a dinosaur? 

It’s easy to see why playing with dinosaurs transports children into another world. This is a world where they can be the king of the dinosaurs, who surely didn’t listen to anyone, except maybe his own mother. 

They Were Real

Children also like to play with fairies and dragons, but unlike dinosaurs, those were never real in the first place. While children probably don’t have the conscious thought that playing with real things is better, you can tell by watching them play. There’s always one child who’ll correct the others on how a specific dinosaur behaves. “If you don’t move, then T-Rex can’t see you.” 

Papo dinosaur toys can encourage children to learn about animal behavior, even if it’s the behavior of extinct animals. Additionally, they’re quick to understand that some animals eat plants while other animals eat meat. Papo dinosaur toys make playing with dinosaurs extra special. That’s because the Papo brand has the nicest dinosaur toys on the market. It shows in the toys’ durability and amazing artistic details. Ask any child that comes to your store, and they’ll tell you why they absolutely need another Papo dinosaur!


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