4 Reasons to Stock European Specialty Toys at Your Store

Apr 24, 2018


Whether you own a small neighborhood toy store or a unique gift store, it’s important to have the right selection of products. At Hotaling Imports, we offer wholesale European specialty toys you can’t find anywhere else. While there will always be customers who are looking for the popular toys as seen on TV, many more people search for unique items of high quality instead. These are the kinds of toys that can be passed down to the next generation.

Unique Selection

If your store’s selection includes European specialty toys, you have something that other places in the area do not have. Given the amount of competition you are up against both offline and online, it’s important to stand out in a good way from the rest of the crowd. Naturally, there will be some customers who are looking for the same toys they see at the big retailers. You may feel that you need to accommodate their needs, but in most cases it’s better to stick to your specialty.

People who are purchasing the latest and greatest are usually price-conscious. If you can’t compete with the rock-bottom prices that retailers often advertise, finding a niche is the better option. With European specialty toys, you don’t have to worry that your customers will compare your store with another one in the area. Instead, they’ll be coming to you when they’re looking for something different.

Promote Child Development

When adults think of toys, they usually think of playtime and fun. While toys are used for playing, the right ones also promote child development in various stages. Children learn through play – they use pretend-play, imitation, and their unique creativity to create their own world. Playing also teaches them language, math, and social skills. In fact, if you let your children play with the right toys they’ll learn a lot of things they need to know to get ready for school and life in general.

The problem is that modern toys don’t always promote child development. Many toys inhibit a child’s imagination by prescribing how it has to be played with. The best toys don’t have batteries and interactive features, because they can be manipulated in various ways by the child. It’s much like watching a movie compared to reading a book. When you watch a movie, you’re just seeing how the story unfolds. When you read a book, you’re an active participant, because your imagination creates the characters and the world in your mind.

Developmentally appropriate toys also encourage outdoor time and physical activity. Kids learn so much by spending time outdoors. They also get to develop their gross motor skills, and they will have more confidence in their abilities. That’s why traditional toys like balls and hula hoops will always be in style, because they’re so versatile and make it fun to be outside.

Spread the Word

Another reason to carry European specialty toys is to spread the word about your store. Kids play together and explore each other’s toys. Parents also take note of the kind of toys other kids play with. When they see something unique, they’ll ask where it can be purchased. Therefore, selling specialty toys of high quality can help spread the word about your store without any help from you. When someone comes to your store to find a birthday gift, everyone who is present at the party will notice the unique toy amongst the popular toys.

Parent Approved

Children aren’t usually the ones who are purchasing the toys. Instead, educators, parents, and adult family members are the ones who’ll step into your store to get something special for a child they love. Therefore, you must have toys that parents approve of. For example, only a grandparent would willingly buy a drum set for a toddler, because they won’t have to deal with the consequences. Parents are looking for wholesome, lasting toys instead.

Similarly, parents figure out over time that too much screen time isn’t good for their kids and promotes unruly behavior. Parents are also the one who get tired of buying batteries for thousands of toys, which become useless without them. European specialty toys are different. These are the kinds of toys that don’t break or stop working, and oftentimes they’re designed to grow with the child. If you want parents to come back to your store for more, you must differentiate and stock toys that kids will want to play with and parents are willing to purchase.

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