Most Popular Children’s Toys: Wholesale Papo Dinosaurs

May 07, 2018


There’s something fascinating about prehistoric animals, but dinosaurs are especially captivating to young children. These animals were so much bigger than any other animal you can find at the zoo today, and many of them are ferocious and scary on top of that. At Hotaling Imports, we stock a huge collection of Papo dinosaur toys. Each of these pieces is handcrafted and made to last for generations. Here we explore some of our Papo wholesale dinosaur collection.

Papo’s Promise

Papo is a French toy company that has been around for almost 20 years, during which time it has created a catalog of more than 600 handcrafted, uniquely designed pieces. Every figurine from Papo is created to look realistic, imitating the original animal. The real-world design of Papo’s figurines is one thing that makes them stand out. Each of these pieces is crafted and painted meticulously by hand, which are two more reasons why your children will love their Papo dinosaurs. If you’re looking for a collection of toys that will stand the test of time and be a favorite for the next generation, the Papo collection certainly qualifies.

Papo’s Dinosaur Collection

Papo’s dinosaur collection is impressive. Obviously, it includes some of the most popular dinosaurs like the T-Rex and the stegosaurs, but you’ll also find long neck dinosaurs (Apatosaurus), Archaeopteryx, a Spinosaurus, and Pteranodons. Children can reenact scenes from the movies “A Land before Time” with the dinosaur collection, but they’re not limited to just that. Papo’s dinosaurs allow children to play any kind of games they can come up with. Young children may allow a tribe of herbivores to make friends with some of the carnivores, because they want everyone to get along. As kids get older, these dinosaurs may inspire them to learn their scientific names, and how the creatures moved, lived, and hunted.

Papo’s dinosaurs include figurines like the Tylosaurus, which is a mosesaur. Along with plesiosaurs and sharks, the Tylosaurus was a predator in the Western Interior Seaway. One of the specimens that were found of this dinosaur Is 34 feet long and now displayed in Wichita, Kansas, at the Museum of World Treasures. A child may be fascinated to see pictures of this exhibit even if they can’t visit the museum themselves, but the Papo figurine of this dinosaur is also fun to play pretend with. This creature certainly doesn’t make the waters feel very safe for other pretend creatures.

Papo Wholesale Collection

The manufacturer Papo is known for their quality products, which don’t just evolve around dinosaurs. You can find wild animals, medieval knights and princesses, barnyard animals, and fantasy creatures. Most of the figurines from Papo are animals, including marine life, dogs and cats, and horses and foals. Each of these animals includes intricate details that are painted by hand. The figurines are designed to be timeless and appeal to children generations later. Each piece is made of high quality and appropriate for a wide range of ages.

The great thing about Papo’s selection is that your child can collect many different toys to use in their play. In fact, while science may disagree, there’s nothing wrong with including a dinosaur with the farm animals in your child’s pretend world – although it may freak some of them out a little bit, especially if the dinosaur is a hungry carnivore.

New Papo Dinosaurs

Every year, Papo releases new toys to add to their growing selection. This year, the manufacturer added several new dinosaurs as well as a prehistoric man. The dinosaurs include Therizinosaurus, Iguanodon, Amargasaurus, and Quetzalcoatlus. If you haven’t heard of some or all of these prehistoric animals, you’re not alone. However, a young child who is fascinated with the dinosaurs will probably know more about these figurines than an adult.

The new dinosaur collection includes menacing predators like the Therizinosaurus and relatively harmless herbivores like the Iguanodon. Scientists don’t have a lot of information about some of these extinct species, because complete skeletons do not exist of all of them. If you want to learn more about the new toys, you can read our blog post about Papo’s new prehistoric collection.

We recommend browsing through Papo’s catalog and ordering some of these toys for your store. Your customers will appreciate the quality of these children’s products, and they’ll come back for more to complete their collection. You can browse our list of wholesale Papo figurines to find the pieces that you like best.

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