New Product Spotlight: Papo Baby Wholesale Figurines

Jun 07, 2018

Papo is already known around the world as a high-quality manufacturer of toys. Based in France, this company prides itself on offering the kind of figurines that you can pass down from one generation to the next. Children love the authentic Papo collection because it’s carefully designed with authenticity, safety, and fun in mind, and every piece is painted by hand. Now Papo has come out with a new collection appealing to the youngest of children: Papo Baby.

Adorable Tiny Friends

Everyone loves babies because they’re adorable. Naturally, toys for young children are almost as cute as the child themselves. This new collection from Papo is no exception. The Papo Baby figurines are adorable mini figurines, featuring horses and little people. They’re beautiful to look at, ensuring that your baby will play with them for a long time to come.

Specifically Made for the Early Years

The Papo Baby collection was specifically developed for the early years. They’re made using realistic proportions for each figurine, including hand painted clothes and faces. The little boys, girls, and ponies are easy to hold with small hands. They’re made with natural rubber materials and decorated with food-grade paint. To prevent water penetration and the buildup of bacteria, each of the beautiful little figurines is designed in one piece. Their careful design makes them safe for babies to chew on and easy to clean.

The figurines are developed in a way that makes them easy for little baby hands to hold. The different parts of each toy are great for sore gums as it encourages children to explore the toy with their mouth. They’re also soft enough to ensure that babies won’t hurt themselves accidentally.

Why Babies Chew on Toys

Babies and toddlers frequently put toys in their mouths and enjoy chewing on them. While this may seem a little strange to adults and even older children, this is a perfectly natural process. For one, babies are constantly teething as they are born without teeth. During the first three years of their lives, every baby has 20 new teeth come in. That can be painful, which is why chewing on toys can relieve some of the pressure. However, teething is only one part of the puzzle as to why babies chew on toys.

When a baby is born, their mouth is the first body part they have real control over. They know how to suckle to get food and how to cry to get attention. The mouth has a lot of sensory nerves, which allow your baby to explore everything around it. You’ll notice that your baby will gradually use their hands more and spend less time putting toys in the mouth as they age. Parents can encourage their children to explore toys by demonstrating the use of hands, for example, stacking blocks, shaking the rattle, and banging on the drum, but putting toys is perfectly fine as long as you choose safe toys without small parts.

 Meet the Papo Baby Collection

This collection includes two beautiful children and three different horses. The little girl Zoe is wearing a fluffy, pink dress and can’t wait to be your baby’s best friend. The little boy Leo wears a uniquely designed outfit with a cape, offering ample opportunity for teething, chewing, and playing. Finally, there are the horses. You can find them in different colors, depending on which set they come with.

Zoe and Leo are available in gift box set with a horse that matches the color of their clothing. The horse Bisou is all in pink just like Zoe’s dress. The boy gift set includes Bisou in blue along with his favorite friend Leo. The gift sets are perfect presents for a baby shower, first birthday, or other occasion.

Wholesale Papo Baby Toys

It’s a good idea to stock some high-quality toys for the early years at your toy store or gift shop. Parents and educators who discover these beautiful products will come back as the child grows when you can present them with the rest of the Papo collection and other unique toys. The Papo Baby collection can also be recommended as a gift for parents of a newborn. At Hotaling Imports, we stock an extensive collection of Papo toys for a variety of ages. Children enjoy these high-quality toys over the years, even though they’ll play with them differently as they grow. These toys are uniquely crafted to stand the test of time, making them a long-standing favorite.



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