How Toys Help with Child Development

Apr 16, 2018


When children play with toys, they’re not just having fun. The act of playing is the same as doing work for an adult, because it promotes their development in different ways. From building gross motor skills to helping them understand math concepts, the right toys can help your child learn and grow. Toys can even promote social skills when kids are playing with other children or adults.

Motor Skills

Children have to learn a wide range of physical skills when they are born. They do most of this without any help, from rolling over to taking their first steps. As they mature, they will also learn to jump, balance, and climb. Toys can help your child master some of the gross motor skills that are necessary for riding a bike or playing soccer. You’ll notice that your child gets better at balancing over time and aiming for the ball with their foot or even catching a ball in a game of toss.

Toys also encourage fine motor skills. Young children perfect their skills by stacking blocks or completing wooden puzzles. Eventually – years later – they develop the fine motor skills to thread a needle. In between, it’s your job to provide them with the right toys and materials that help them get there. Drawing and coloring also relies on fine motor skills, which is why a picture of a 2-year-old is mostly scribbles whereas you can start to recognize shapes and even people by the time they’re 4 or 5.

Language Development

There’s something amazing about watching children learn to talk and use language. From saying ‘Mama’ or ‘Dada’, children quickly build two-word sentences in their second year. Eventually, they will learn to use language to express their feelings, too, which is the point when tantrums become less frequent. Language development starts when your child is an infant, but it will continue throughout their entire life.

You can promote your child’s ability to use words by reading to them and playing with toys. Playing pretend games with dress-up toys or talking to your child while you’re building a block tower will help your child learn and absorb new vocabulary. Their ability to understand language is greater than their ability to talk, which is why you don’t have to feel silly about talking to your child and using big words. Children don’t just develop language when they play pretend; they also learn how the adult world works by imitating what you do.

Social Skills

Humans are social creatures and must learn to interact well with each other. Learning how to play together and share are big skills that small children must learn. When you play games that require taking turns, your child also learns patience. Through playing with others, children learn how to brainstorm ideas with others, too. Since everyone plays different games, interactive toys also provide a new perspective.

It’s important for children to play with others that are similar in age, but it’s even better when they have access to people of different ages. Older and younger siblings, parents, grandparents, and friends can teach your child different things they wouldn’t otherwise learn. It also widens their perspective of the world and shows them how others view the same world.

Early Math Skills

A preschooler doesn’t need to understand multiplication tables just yet, but it’s a good idea for them to know how to count and how to differentiate between a circle and a square. Playing with toys naturally encourages these basic math skills. Whether you’re diving up game pieces among players or finding the right shape to put inside the puzzle, developmental toys can help build up the math skills that your child will need later in school.

Child Development Toys

At Hotaling Imports, our product line includes a wide range of toys that are fun to play with and promote healthy child development. Our new line of BS Toys includes many toys that encourage outside and active play for little ones, such as Ring Toss. You can also find games that build memory skills and include fun social interactions as well, such as Moves!

When buying toys for kids, it’s important to pick some that encourage child development instead of just picking up the latest toy as seen on TV. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging your child and giving them a toy they have coveted, you may find that they’ll tire of battery-operated toys much sooner, because they don’t leave room for imagination.

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