Why Now is a Great Time to Reorder Liontouch Dress Up Products!

Jul 17, 2018

When the days are long and temperatures are at an all-time high, it may be difficult to even contemplate the seasons changing. It may feel premature, but it’s a good idea to get ahead of your competition and start planning for Halloween. At Hotaling Imports, we stock a large selection of Liontouch dress-up clothes that will see a huge surge in demand from now until October. By getting ready now, you’ll make the most of these sales opportunities.

Costume Planning Starts Early

Most families spend a lot of money for Halloween, almost all of it on costumes. It can take some people several months to find the perfect costume each year – and they often start planning early. As soon as they see the first Halloween outfits in store, they’ll think about what to wear. Of course, families with young children also know that children love to play dress-up year-round. That’s why they’ll consider spending more money on quality clothes, which can be used for pretend play later, too.

How early is too early for Halloween? You may want to hold off on ordering pumpkins until October, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping a few dress-up clothes in stock year-round. The middle of summer is the perfect time to tack stock of your current inventory and order your selection for the upcoming, dress-up season.

Halloween Involves a Considerable Amount of Spending

While most of your customers may be looking for toys, dress-up clothes can qualify as such, too. In fact, Americans are spending extraordinary amounts of money on Halloween every year. Many families also realize they want costumes of high quality instead of buying an outfit that doesn’t withstand more than one day of trick-or-treating.

The best costumes often involve a considerable amount of props. That means a princess is only as good as her tiara and wand, and a knight needs a proper sword and shield before they have the power to slay the pretend dragon. Kings and noblemen also need elaborate capes to complete their ensemble. Fortunately, our wholesale selection of dress-up clothes delivers all of that and more.

Kids Dress-Up Year-Round

The great thing about buying dress-up clothes is that children don’t need to wait until Halloween to wear them. It’s fun to pretend to be a pirate terrorizing the seven seas as long as you have the appropriate eye patch and sword to make it happen.

For most kids, the right dress-up clothes can transform a boring, rainy afternoon into the best day ever. That’s why it’s a mistake to relegate dressing up to one holiday a year. By donning new clothes, kids can recreate themselves and find out what it feels like to be someone else – at least for a little while. It can give them a sense of empowerment to live in a world of their own choosing, especially when they’re the king and their subjects show appropriate deference.

Liontouch Selection Provides Quality That Lasts

While kids treasure dress-up clothes, they’re not always gentle with clothing. Unfortunately, a lot of Halloween merchandise isn’t even designed to last through Thanksgiving. Liontouch is different. This Danish novelty toy manufacturer is proud to offer a huge selection of weapons, shields, hats, and masks that can be used over and over again.

All their dress-up clothes and products are made to look very lifelike, which is very important when you’re playing pretend. Take a look at some of the weapons in their collection, and you’ll see why these bandit pistol or pirate knife are cooler than any other weapons you’ve seen before. Many of their costumes are brightly colored, but yet the artful decorations provide an authenticity that dress-up clothes elsewhere lack.

Start Prepping Your Store for Halloween

You may not be ready for summer to end, but now is the perfect time to start prepping for Halloween. Browse the Liontouch selection of dress-up clothes and start ordering the merchandise you need to keep the registers busy this season. You can keep the dress-up clothes on the regular toy aisles along with other pretend games, including puppets. When it’s time to shine a spotlight on Halloween, you can bring them out to the front of your store.

When customers see some of these beautiful weapons, they’re sure to stop and browse the rest of your selection, too. You could even open your business for trick-or-treaters come October and award a prize for the scariest or best-dressed guests.

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