Why Your Store Needs European Specialty Toys

Jul 12, 2017

Customers are always looking for something different! Most big box stores display the same types of toys all the time, which is why customers enjoy browsing novelty toys and European specialty toys. You can make your store stand out from the rest by offering the kinds of items your customers can’t wait to take home.

Your Customers Are Looking for Unique Products

The best way to differentiate your gift store or toy store from its competitors is to have a unique collection. After all, many people may come to browse through your store, but they’re not always motivated to buy until they see something they haven’t seen before. This could be an exceptionally well-made toy, a brand that is hard to find, or an unexpected item that you would never think to look for in that type of store. 

Collector items also tend to do really well. They serve two purposes at once. One, they help you complete your display in your store and draw your customers’ eye towards them. Two, there is always a reason for your customers to come back, because they’ll want to complete their collection.

Which Items Will Compliment Your Store?

It can be tricky to find just the right selection to complement your store. Fortunately, at Hotaling Imports, we stock a wide variety of specialty toys that do well in all types of stores! That’s because they’re high quality European toys your customers won’t find elsewhere. Here are some suggestions that will help you stock the toys your customers will love.

Every Little Girl Wants to Be a Princess

Almost every little girl loves playing dress-up. There’s something magical about putting on a fancy outfit that makes girls smile. Maybe it’s because they enjoy watching their mother or other female relatives dress up for a party, and they secretly want to be like them, too. Girls also get exposed to the world of royals through fairy tales and movies early in life. And it’s just so glamorous to be a princess! If you want to delight young customers in your store, be sure to stock a princess dress like this one from Lion Touch. Even her parents won’t be able to resist!

Boys Want to Be Heroes

Dressing up is not just for girls. In fact, putting on a new set of clothes and pretending to be someone else is fun for all children (and sometimes adults). While kids can use their imagination, and pretend to be someone else without any help, dress-up clothes can make the game more fun and more enjoyable. In fact, most parents of young kids stock a variety of dress-up clothes to encourage their kids to play pretend games at home.

If you would like to impress your customers with your selection and encourage more sales, we recommend stocking dress-up clothes and accessories, such as swords, capes, shields, crowns, and helmets. Take a look at the selection from Lion Touch on our website to pick your favorites. And because swords are always a favorite with boys, we suggest you invest in a product display as well. This will draw your customers’ attention to these items right away, and only few of them will be able to resist purchasing one of these unique swords!

You Can’t Go Wrong with Dinosaurs

If you took a survey of young kids and asked them which animal was their favorite, you would probably hear dinosaurs more of than not. Dinosaurs are fascinating for kids, because they’re huge and scary. They’re the type of animal that will never lose its fascination for kids, just because you can’t see them in real life at the zoo. When it comes to dinosaurs, your best bet is to purchase from the well-made selection from Papo. Papo dinosaur toys are well known for quality and authenticity. They’re also durable, which makes these toys great for sharing in a classroom setting, too.

Enchanting Figurines from Papo Make Great Gifts

Figurines attract customers of all ages. Papo makes beautiful and enchanting toys. Their dinosaur and pirate collection might appeal to boys, but when you look at their enchanting princesses, mermaids, fairies, and elves, you’ll realize why these toys will sell in your store. Papo’s Enchanted World collection even includes unicorns, Queens, and dragons that are not scary at all. Children will be lost in an imaginary world for hours when they play with these toys, but even adults may be tempted to get a few for themselves. 



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