New to Hotaling Imports: Decorative Night Lights from Egmont

Jul 05, 2018

At Hotaling Imports, we’re excited to introduce our newest line of products: decorative nightlights from Egmont Toys. Each of these beautiful lamps was created by the manufacturer in-house using original drawings on paper. With these nightlights, it’s easier for little ones to fall asleep, but each lamp also makes a nice decorative object in the room during the day. All of them are hand-painted.

About Egmont
Egmont Toys is based in Belgium. The company has been designing and manufacturing toys since 1994. Every toy is designed to stimulate and further the development of the child it’s made for, while also ensuring that it’s fun to play with. Their line of products ranges from soft, cuddly toys to wooden balance bikes.
Every new toy starts with a design, mostly created by their in-house designer Gaëtane Lannoy. Instead of using a computer, each idea is formed using pencils or paint and old-fashioned paper. The lamps are then handmade and hand-painted to ensure high quality craftsmanship. Each new toy is rigorously tested to comply with stringent safety standards set by the European Union.

At Hotaling Imports, we distribute their unique collection of nightlights to our boutique and specialty toy stores. These nightlights are more than part of the room’s furnishing, because they are simply adorable to look at. Your baby’s or toddler’s room can be brightened in more ways than one by selecting one of these lamps, but they’re also a great addition to other rooms inside your home.

Importance of Nightlights
When you decorate your baby’s or toddler’s room, you’llquickly discover how important a nightlight is. When a baby is little, you’ll be feeding them in the rocking chair by the glow of a soft, veiled light. This gives you enough light to see what you’re doing without fully waking up the baby with daytime lighting. Nightlights can even give you enough light to change diapers or soiled clothing.

As your baby grows into a toddler, the light in the room can help them calm down at night. Low lighting creates a nice transition between daytime and nighttime. Preschoolers may need the lamp to stay lit all night to help them feel safe. At this stage, their imagination can run wild and make them feel afraid of shadows or invisible monsters of various types. The nightlight can provide just enough light to reassure them that their room looks the way it always has while helping them go back to sleep. Parents can even imply that the nightlight offers protective powers if they wish, which may reassure a very anxious child.

Decorative Lamps
Just because you need a nightlight doesn’t mean it has to be utilitarian in design. Egmont Toys manufactures beautiful lamps to help your child go to sleep. During the day, these lamps help decorate your child’s room as you can choose the one that works for the ambience. The options for lamps range from mushrooms to animals, including a golden moon or a soccer ball. You can even find a little dwarf with a lantern providing a veiled light for your child’s room.

These decorative nightlights are so adorable that you may want to collect several of them for your home. You only need one of these little lamps for each bedroom, but they make a great addition to a guestroom or the kitchen.

Why Nightlights Belong in Your Store
If you’re selling toys, educational materials, or gifts geared for babies and toddlers, nightlights should not be missing in your product offerings. While parents may not come to your store to shop for lamps, they’ll have a hard time bypassing these unique, handmade lamps from Egmont Toys. The lamps come in a wide variety of shapes and even colors, which ensures that your customers will find just the right one for their child’s bedroom.

A nightlight may even be purchased during the toddler or preschool years as many children don’t start becoming afraid of the dark until they’re three years of age or older. At this age, the child may be part of the process of selecting the right lamp. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a few different types in your store.

These nightlights may also appeal to grownups for their bedrooms or other living spaces. It can be soothing to have a low, veiled light at night to illuminate certain areas of the house. Many of these lamps can also enhance the decoration of other rooms in the house in addition to the child’s bedroom.

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