How Specialty Toys Add Value to Your Gift or Store

Oct 01, 2017

Every gift store is unique. This is what attracts customers to your store in the first place. They never know what they might find. If you want them to come back and talk about your store, then you need to pay special attention to your selection of toys. While some people will only gravitate towards small, cheap toys, most customers prefer high-quality products their kids can play with for years to come.

Specialty Toys Can Only Be Found Locally

Stocking specialty toys from Hotaling Imports makes your store stand out, because customers won’t find them in a big box chain store. You’ll notice that customers who normally shop at big box stores will be pleasantly surprised to find many toys that are new to them. 

You should be proud of your store’s selection, and with our toys from Hotaling Imports, you can be. Every single toy was created with love and care with the child’s best interest in mind. Instead of promising short-term happiness by selling licensed characters or using electronics, specialty toys are created with actual playtime in mind. 

Specialty Toys Provide More Fun

This generalization may sound like an overpromise, but it’s not. Specialty toys tend to focus on how kids play with them and not so much on the toy itself. You’re less likely to find battery-operated and electronic toys, too. A lot of thought goes into creating these toys, because there must be more to it than a few buttons and random noises or movements. 

Generally, specialty toys don’t use licensed characters from TV shows or movies. This means your child is encouraged to use their imagination, because the toy itself is completely new to them. They get to reinvent the characters however they want to, without being hindered by preconceived ideas they got from watching TV.

Specialty Toys Last Longer

It may be a cliché, but many toys that use licensed characters are not particularly well built. On the other hand, specialty toys focus on quality, because the manufacturer knows that these toys will be played with in an endless number of ways. Instead of spending money on licensing those special characters, specialty toy manufacturers focus on using quality materials throughout the production process. 

When you purchase specialty toys from Hotaling Imports, you can rest assured that these toys can be passed down to the next generation. You really can’t say the same about too many of the heavily advertised, popular toys. First, the electronic parts will wear down long before the kid is done playing with the toy. Second, the toys just don’t hold up to vigorous play, causing them to break much sooner than they should.

Specialty Toys Are Not Heavily Marketed

It may seem like a disadvantage that customers aren’t coming into your store asking for just the type of toys you have, but it’s not. Since specialty toys are not heavily marketed, you get the unique chance of talking to your customers about how the toys will feature in the kids’ playtime. 

Parents also don’t have any preconceived notions about your toys, because they don’t associate them with a TV or movie they don’t like. Instead, they’re just looking at toys, trying to determine how their child might like to interact with each of those toys. If it’s possible, you can keep some of the toys available for parents and children to play with. This might seem counterintuitive, but it could really propel many customers to buy from you instead of buying a popular toy from a big store.

Improve Your Gift Store’s Image with Specialty Toys

Stocking specialty toys in your gift store elevates your image to that of a retailer with high-quality merchandise. Instead of wanting to get little knickknacks that nobody needs, your customers will be expecting high-end merchandise. This means they’re willing to pay more for what you have to offer, too. 

Having specialty toys in your store immediately boosts your customers’ perception of what type of store you are running. If you and your employees are also knowledgeable and helpful, then your customers will shop at your store instead of going anywhere else.  

Specialty toys will continue to be popular, because they can only be found in local stores like yours. Due to their intrinsic appeal, they are worth more to your customers and their children. Selling items that can be passed down to the next generation will help customers remember your store next time they’re looking for a specialty toy. 


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