Papo’s New Prehistoric Collection for 2018

Jan 08, 2018


When it comes to unique, beautiful, and handcrafted toys for children, Papo has what you’re looking for. As the exclusive U.S. importer for Papo Toys, we have added many of their new toys for 2018 to our available collection at Hotaling Imports. These new toys include a variety of animals, such as a bat and an albatross. However, Papo’s new prehistoric selection deserves special mention, because of the universal appeal of dinosaurs.


You’ve probably never heard of the Therizinosaurus. This dinosaur lived in the Cretaceous period. Fossils of this species were discovered in Mongolia. Unfortunately, complete skeletons don’t exist, and all scientists have to work with are gigantic hand claws and a few other bones. Initially, it was thought to be a turtle-like reptile. However, this dinosaur was probably at least 8 feet tall, possibly even 11 feet. They would have walked on their back legs in a semi-upright position.

With the given information, Papo created a unique dinosaur which looks pretty menacing despite its bigger belly. It’s up to the children to decide how this dinosaur would use those enormous claws.


Iguanodon remains were found in Belgium and Spain, but this dinosaur may have lived in other areas of what is now Europe. These large creatures were herbivores and roamed the Earth about 125 million years ago. Their body structure reminds one of a lizard, even though their enormous size tells a different story. They’re currently believed to have walked on all fours, but that wasn’t always the case. The front legs seem to have other uses and are smaller in size compared to the strong hind legs.

Iguanodon is one of the first dinosaurs to have received a name. These herbivores had some unique features, such as their large thumb spikes. These may have been used to forage for food or defend against predators.


The amargasaurus is one of the sauropod dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous period. Only one skeleton of its kind was ever discovered. It wasn’t one of the bigger dinosaurs, but it had long spines all along its neckline. Presumably, these would have been used for defense. These spines may have been covered by keratin or skin, which could have given them added strength. These spines pointed towards its back, but the amargasaurus may have been able to move its head to point them forward instead.

Papo’s version of this unique create is painted in brown tones with reddish lines along the spine. The underbelly is lighter, because that wouldn’t have been visible to its predators.


The quetzalcoatlus is one of the largest known flying animals of all time, but it’s not widely known. It has a long stiff neck and is toothless. It was about 11 feet tall and its wings are believed to be more than 33 feet wide. The remains were found in Texas. What is clear is that it had a very sharp and pointed beak. Interestingly, this species was probably not capable of catching fish in flight, because of its body built. The quetzalcoatlus would have been more likely to feed on small animals on the ground. 

Prehistoric Man

When you think of prehistoric times, cavemen might come to mind. While they didn’t live side by side with the dinosaurs, it’s still fun to pretend. After all, the common misconception that humans and dinosaurs coexisted is part of many movies and shows. The new prehistoric man comes complete with a spear. He definitely looks like a hunter.

The prehistoric man can also be used to play with many of the other animals available by Papo. Children don’t have to be limited with how they use these toys. That’s the beauty of this collection and makes wholesale Papo toys fun for all ages. Papo already had a caveman in its collection before, but the old version has been discontinued. The new model looks a little brighter and will make a great addition to your collection of wholesale Papo prehistoric toys.

Other New Papo Toys for 2018

While Papo has a beautiful dinosaur collection, they also have other wonderful toys, many of which are new in 2018. At Hotaling Imports, we have a new selection of mammals under the sea and several play sets. For example, there is a pirate ship, a princess castle, an ice field, and a jungle. Along with that, you can find animals and humans for each of these areas. In pretend play, the animals can live in a variety of different habitats to make it even more fun.


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