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Feb 13, 2018


DJECO is a toy manufacturer based in France. All their products meet and exceed European safety standards, which tend to be very strict. Their products are easily recognizable, because of the attention to detail that goes into designing them. You’ll also find that their puzzles and toys are intricately painted with attention to detail. At Hotaling Imports, we offer a large selection of Djeco toys. Today, we’ll highlight their art kits.

Arts and crafts are a great way to keep your child busy indoors when the weather isn’t great. But these kinds of projects also teach children perseverance and improve their fine motor skills. At the end of completing an art kit, the child has something to show – which can improve their self-confidence.

Workshop Rubber Engraving Kit

The Rubber Engraving kit uses printed rubber boards, gouge chisel tools, inkpads, and printed cards. It comes with a detailed instruction booklet that walks you through the steps. The pictures include intricately designed birds and fish. This art kit lets children transform the rubber boards into unique stamps. They can take their time and follow the lines to create the perfect stamp.

This project is suitable for children in Kindergarten and older, because it requires certain dexterity to follow the lines. Of course, kids of all ages will enjoy creating these beautiful stamps. They can be used for any project, such as card making. They’re also popular for scrapbooking.

Workshop Pompoms

This pompom project involves multiple steps to complete. It’s more suitable for school-age children as well. The pompoms are vibrant pink and purple colors for a total of 3 different balls of wool. It also includes a wool craft making tool and two halves of a magnetic centerpiece.

To create the pompom, the wool must be strung up on the wooden boards and attached together. Then the wool is cut to create the pompom look. As a last step, the pompoms are tied together to make a full, fluffy ball.

Decorative Origami Sheets

Origami is one of the classic activities that don’t require anything but paper and a big imagination. With origami, kids can create all kinds of different shapes. Djeco didn’t invent Origami paper, but they make it more fun by supplying you with decorative sheets to use for your folding projects.

It takes a while to get the hang of Origami at first. It’s a skill that has to be learned, because one must fold the edges of the paper carefully and neatly. Over time, children can take advantage of muscle memory to remember how to make their favorite shapes. And the variety of decorative sheets ensures that every creation is as unique as the one before it.

Mini Grafic Mandalas

Coloring is fun for kids of all ages, but as children reach school age, they need more of a challenge. Instead of using a coloring book, you might want to try Mandalas. Mandalas are symmetric pictures using intricate designs and details. It takes hours to color just one of these pages, because the fields are very small. This can improve your child’s dexterity. The final process is also something to be proud of.

Djeco’s Mini Grafic Mandalas are uniquely designed with the usual attention to detail. For example, one of the pictures features a lion with a mane that looks a lot like a flower. It’s up to each child how they want to complete the picture. In fact, it’s unlikely that one colored Mandala looks like another, because there are so many different variations for completing them.

Workshop Stitching Cards

Not every child is learning how to sew, but yet using thread and needle can be so much fun. Djeco’s stitching cards are suitable for kids ages 4 and up, because they don’t use a pointy needle. The kit includes 3 different pictures, several spools of thread, and a needle that’s easy to use. Each of the stitching cards has predrilled holes that just have to be punched out before getting started. After completing the picture with thread, you can add beautiful sequins to make the craft shine.  

Hotaling Imports is proud to provide Djeco wholesale products to their many customers. One of them is The Green Alligator, a toy store located in Jacksonville, Florida. They stock a variety of Djeco art kits as well as other Djeco toys. To see what the stitching cards look like, you can view this demonstration by Caroline from The Green Alligator. 

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