Kid Made Modern Artist Pad
Artist Paper Pad from Kid Made Modern
Artist Paper Pad laying down to show how thick it is, contains 50 sheets

Kid Made Modern Artist Pad

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Our Artist Pad set includes 50 sheets of a variety of high-quality paper perfect for a range of mediums from watercolors and crayons to colored pencils and pastels.

Case pack: 6

140 lb. coldpress paper is an excellent surface for watercolor paints

50 lb. sketch paper has a medium tooth ideal for all types of drawing

64 lb. textures paper works nicely with charcoal, pastel and crayons

70 lb. drawing paper offers a smooth surface perfect for a variety of mark making

96 lb. Bristol paper is a bright textured surface that works well with ink

11" x 14” paper

Includes: 50 sheets of high-quality art papers