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Jan 01, 2017

Le Toy Van specializes in creating high quality painted wooden toys for children aged 1 to 3 and up. This UK toy manufacturer creates specialty toys designed to inspire creativity, engagement, and imagination using a range of themes including fantasy, medieval, farming, and more. Their focus on quality and rigorous safety testing has earned Le Toy Van multiple awards, including the Right Start Best Toy Magazine Award over the past decade. 

Le Toy Van is known for their painted wooden dollhouses, castles, Budkins dolls, and a range of playsets designed to inspire imagination. 

About Le Toy Van 

Le Toy Van was founded in 1995, when the company began manufacturing painted wooden toys for the UK market. The original lineup included a castle, a doll's house, and a farm. The brand's characteristic romantic styles, bold colors, and lacquered finish proved popular and durable, and today the company has wholesale distributors around the globe. Their range doll houses, castles, farms, and dolls are popular as gifts, collectibles, and heirloom toys. 

Le Toy Van offers a wide selection of painted wooden toys and some of the most popular include: 

Budkins – Le Toy Van Budkins are collectible painted wooden dolls, designed to be charming, cute, and easy to play with. The dolls come in a range of styles to match existing Le Toy Van themed sets and dollhouses, and in themed sets, making them excellent collectibles and gifts. The dolls are an average of 10 cm in height. 

Le Toy Van Dollhouses – Le Toy Van dollhouses are among the most popular products from the brand, and are available in a range of styles. With beautiful woodwork, colorful but tasteful paint, and attention to detail, these wooden dollhouses are beautiful and practical. Le Toy Van dollhouses feature working windows and doors, removable roofs, and easy cleanup. The brand manufactures a range of complementary dollhouse furniture that fits every dollhouse model. 

Le Toy Van Playsets – From castles to farms, Le Toy Van offers a wide range of beautiful painted wooden playsets. The playsets are detailed, intricate, and compatible with a range of Le Toy Van toys and accessories, allowing parents and children to collect full themed sets. 

All Le Toy Van painted wooden toys are safety tested for their age group and are tested accordingly to EN71 guidelines. 

Wholesale Le Toy Van

Hotaling Imports Inc is the exclusive Le Toy Van wholesale distributor in the United States and we offer a large selection of their catalogue including Budkins, playsets and castles, the Honeybake collection, Daisylane Dollhouses, Petilou, Motos, and much more. We distribute our wholesale Le Toy Van collection around the U.S., but you can register to verify that we cover your area.

Check our online Le Toy Van catalogue to get started with your order.

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