The "Official" Papo Company Page

Aug 17, 2017


For nearly 20 years Papo has been accompanying children and youngsters in their development and discovery of the world around them. 

Childhood is synonymous with dreams and adventures and it is in this spirit that the first princesses, princes, dragons and knights were created. The Papo figurines cover different universes ranging from animals to amazing realism, to original and playful characters. 

A constant is emerging throughout these years, it is the quality, which has always been and that remains a horse of battle for Papo. The figurines are hand painted and the attention to detail is unanimously recognized. 

A design 100% French 

Papo relies on French talent and know-how. All the creations are imagined, drawn and developed in France, with the permanent concern to constitute a support of play and awakening. 

Wholesale Papo Toys 

Hotaling Imports Inc. is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Papo toys and we are proud to make a large selection of the Papo catalogue available for order throughout the U.S. Our wholesale Papo toys include themes such as the Wild Animal Kingdom, Marine Life, Dog and Cat Companions, Farmyard Friends, Dinosaurs, Fantasy World, Galactic Adventures, The Medieval Era, the Enchanted World, Pirates and Corsairs, Historicals, Westerns, and a large selection of minis. 

Each year, some sixty new figurines come to join the 600 references already present in the papo catalog. Each of the figurines presented in the new collection, whether it’s a dinosaur, a princess or a knight, was created with the same attention to detail and quality. 


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